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Dermatology on Your Schedule in Orangeville

Orangeville steps forward with RemoteDerm for dermatology care that's always available. Receive consultations in less than 24 hours, without needing a referral.

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Orangeville's Prompt Dermatology Service

In Orangeville, a community known for its vibrant arts culture and scenic beauty, accessing specialized healthcare services like dermatology can often be fraught with delays. The typical wait times at clinics and hospitals, coupled with the need for referrals, have historically impeded timely care. RemoteDerm eradicates these barriers, offering Orangeville's residents immediate online access to dermatological consultations. This service is especially pertinent in Orangeville, where the demand for healthcare services often outpaces the supply, ensuring that individuals can manage their dermatological health efficiently and effectively, right from their homes.

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An image of Orangeville, Ontario
How it works

Connect with a dermatologist right away by following few simple steps

In less than few minutes, you can describe your skin condition, upload your image and get connected with a dermatologist. Virtual dermatology is the future of skin care. Start your skin care journey right now.

RemoteDerm Icon1. Describe your symptoms through our panelRegister & answer few important questions regarding your skin concern. One of our dermatologist will review your request and respond shortly.
RemoteDerm Icon2. Connected with a dermatologistNext, you’ll be connected with a dermatologist who will diagnosis your skin condition, answer your concerns and prescribe your medications.
RemoteDerm Icon3. Medications Get FaxedThe Dermatologist will fax the medication to your local pharmacy. The medication should be ready for pick up the same day
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