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About us

RemoteDerm is an online Canadian dermatology
consultation platform

RemoteDerm is a teledermatology platform to deliver the highest quality of medical & cosmetic skin care to Canadians by board certified dermatologists. There is a tremendous shortage of dermatologists in Canada and patients may have to wait months, travel significant distance and even take time off from their busy work to visit a dermatology practice. While teledermatology has its own limitations (we can’t do a biopsy or patch testing), many skin conditions can be diagnosed accurately through obtaining a comprehensive history & reviewing high quality images.

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About us

A hand picked network of doctors and specialists ready to help you.

Our practitioners are Canadian board certified and thrive to provide the highest quality of skin care to their patients.

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Online Dermatology

Why using RemoteDerm?

It takes 4-6 months to see a dermatologists in major Canadian cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon). Over the counter skincare products can cost $50-$200, you may not even obtain the right product. It only takes few hours with minimal fee at RemoteDerm to virtually get expert consult from a dermatologist.

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RemoteDerm IconNo need for an office visitYou no longer need to go to the dermatologist office & can visit virtually here.
RemoteDerm IconConvenient access to medicationsThe medication is automatically sent to your pharmacy and you can quickly start the treatment.
RemoteDerm IconEasy follow up availableYou can easily follow up with your dermatologist to get further assistance with your skin care.
RemoteDerm IconLeading dermatologistAt RemoteDerm, we have the best dermatologists who will be with you until the end of the service.
RemoteDerm IconThree steps to bookingWith three steps, you can easily connect with a dermatologist and start your treatment.
RemoteDerm IconAffordable pricingYou save money by not taking time off from work, traveling or purchasing expensive OTC skincare products.
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No matter where you are in Canada, we can serve you

Virtual dermatology (telemedicine) enables Canadians to obtain comprehensive skin care immediately for most skin conditions regardless of their locations in Canada.

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