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Fast, Convenient, Affordable & Secure way in Canada to get help online for your skin concerns. In the comfort of your home, Canadian Board Certified Dermatologists diagnose your skin, hair or nail conditions. No wait time or doctor referral is needed to see a dermatologist.

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When to Connect with an Online Dermatologist
in Canada

Get immediate help for your skin conditions from the comfort of your home in Canada. Whether your rash or acne is flaring up, you need a quick skin spot check, or you want to start your hair loss treatment right away, RemoteDerm is here to connect you with expert dermatologists online. Don't wait months, get personalized care now and ensure you make the right choices for your skin care journey.

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Your skin condition is flaring upScroll down the page
Your acne is getting worst and can’t wait months to see a dermatologist. You can start your treatment today.
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Purchasing skin care products onlineScroll down the page
Our dermatologists will guide you to get the right acne cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, face wash or pigment correction gel.
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Previous treatments not workingScroll down the page
When your current skin care routine is not working and you need help. Our dermatologist will provide you with a customized and an individualized plan based on your skin needs.
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General questions about skin care products? We have an answer for you

Our dermatologist will provide a complementary answer to one general question about a skin care product.

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Online Dermatology

Why using RemoteDerm?

It takes 4-6 months to see a dermatologists in major Canadian cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon). Over the counter skincare products can cost $50-$200, you may not even obtain the right product. It only takes few hours with minimal fee at RemoteDerm to virtually get expert consult from a dermatologist.

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RemoteDerm IconNo need for an office visitYou no longer need to go to the dermatologist office & can visit virtually here.
RemoteDerm IconConvenient access to medicationsThe medication is automatically sent to your pharmacy and you can quickly start the treatment.
RemoteDerm IconEasy follow up availableYou can easily follow up with your dermatologist to get further assistance with your skin care.
RemoteDerm IconLeading dermatologistAt RemoteDerm, we have the best dermatologists who will be with you until the end of the service.
RemoteDerm IconThree steps to bookingWith three steps, you can easily connect with a dermatologist and start your treatment.
RemoteDerm IconAffordable pricingYou save money by not taking time off from work, traveling or purchasing expensive OTC skincare products.
How it works

Connect with a dermatologist right away by following few simple steps

In less than few minutes, you can describe your skin condition, upload your image and get connected with a dermatologist. Virtual dermatology is the future of skin care. Start your skin care journey right now.

RemoteDerm Icon1. Describe your symptoms through our panelRegister & answer few important questions regarding your skin concern. One of our dermatologist will review your request and respond shortly.
RemoteDerm Icon2. Connected with a dermatologistNext, you’ll be connected with a dermatologist who will diagnosis your skin condition, answer your concerns and prescribe your medications.
RemoteDerm Icon3. Medications Get FaxedThe Dermatologist will fax the medication to your local pharmacy. The medication should be ready for pick up the same day
About us
A hand picked network of doctors and specialists ready to help you.

Our practitioners are Canadian board certified and thrive to provide the highest quality of skin care to their patients.

Our Team
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Simple pricing to fit your needs

If you need immediate assistance with your skin condition then select the 12 Hrs. Response package. Our dermatologists thrive to address your concerns expediently, sometimes as soon as 30 minutes.

The benefits that come with packages
RemoteDerm Icon24/7 support
RemoteDerm IconSecure platform
RemoteDerm IconDirect access to a dermatologist
RemoteDerm IconUpload several images
RemoteDerm IconEasy follow up available
RemoteDerm IconDownload your medication
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Serving Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and expanding

It takes 4-6 months to see a dermatologists in major Canadian cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon). Over the counter skincare products can cost $50-$200, you may not even obtain the right product. It only takes few hours with minimal fee at RemoteDerm to virtually get expert consult from a dermatologist.

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