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How it works

Connect with a dermatologist
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RemoteDerm is the leading provider of virtual dermatology in Canada. In less
than 5 minutes you can submit your case and start your skin care journey.

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Patient and Skin Problem Information

You will have the opportunity to provide a description of your skin concerns as well as your relevant medical history so the dermatologist can make a proper diagnosis.

  • Patient Information: Provide your name, day of birth, self or guardian contact info if a child.
  • Case Information: Describe your condition, how long you have had it, and any symptoms, with photos.
  • Medical History: Provide any past medical history or medication and allergy details.
  • Select a Package: Select a package based on how fast you want to hear back from our doctors.
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Direct Access to Dermatologist

After submitting your consult, our dermatologist reviews your information and images. You will receive direct communication via RemoteDerm platform regarding your diagnosis as well as your comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

  • Dermatologist Assignment: After you submit your case, we assign a board certified dermatologist to your case.
  • Direct Communication: You would be able to communicate directly with your doctor about your treatment plan via the case chat interface.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications via email and SMS to stay on top of your case status.
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Medications Get Faxed to a local Pharmacy or Delivered to your Address

Dermatologist will review your treatment plan, the medications side effects and answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Your medication gets faxed to your local pharmacy or delivered to your address.

  • Prescriptions: You can chat with the dermatologist to learn more about your medications and treatment plan.
  • Medication Delivery: We send your medications within few hours to your pharmacy or it can be delivered with free shipping within 2-3 business day.
  • Followup: You can reach out to us again if you have any questions or concerns about your medications.

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