Everything you should know about diaper rash

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What is diaper dermatitis :

It is common for infants to develop red rash under the diaper area. There are many conditions that can cause diaper rash but the most common one is called diaper dermatitis. It is mostly due to skin being irritated by urine or feces that are contained by the diaper. It is also common for skin to reacts to soaps or baby wipes that are rubbed on the skin to clean the urine or stool. The rash tends to be restricted only to diaper area, especially between the skin folds. The urine, feces or allergens in soap or wipes tend to get stuck between the skin folds in diaper area and induce more pronounced reaction. It is important to note that psoriasis, eczema as well as yeast infection are also common rashes that tend to develop within the diaper area.


What does diaper dermatitis look like:

  • Diaper dermatitis tends to be strictly confined to the diaper area. It usually presents as mild to pronounced redness with superficial skin peeling and dryness. The infants usually tend not to have any other rashes.
Diaper Dermatitis Examples
Diaper Dermatitis Examples


can be a very valuable tools to distinguish diaper rash due to skin irritations from other common skin disorders. If an infants has generalized dry skin or rash over face, arm and knees, then probably there is a component of atopic dermatitis or eczema playing a role here. If the infant has cradle cap then there is a component of fungus over growth or seborrheic dermatitis playing a role here. During teledermatology, those valuable information can be captured and right prescription (medication) could be faxed to the local pharmacy so the rash be treated right away without waiting for a long time to see a physician in office.


What are the treatment options for diaper rash (dermatitis):

  • The major long-term goal in managing diaper dermatitis is to avoiding the causative factors. This can be achieved by frequent diaper change or avoiding any scented products in washing the diaper area.
  • Emollients containing white paraffin (Vaseline ) or soft zinc pastes provide protective and soothing effects. These are available in most pharmacy stores across Canada
  • In the acute and severe state then mild steroid cream or ointment can be very beneficial
  • Topical imidazole creams are added for secondary infection with Candida

What are the potential complications of diaper dermatitis:

  • Infants can experience considerable discomfort from the rash

Secondary Candida or bacterial infection can happen

How to prevention diaper rash:

  • Prevention of diaper dermatitis can be summarized with the acronym ABCDE (air, barrier, cleansing, diaper, and education). Frequent changing of highly absorbent disposable diapers is associated with a lower incidence and severity of diaper dermatitis, and it leads to a more physiologic skin pH .
  • Having access to a dermatologist who can recommend proper treatment plan in a short span of time is also very valuable. Through RemoteDerm you can receive the diagnosis as well as the medications potentially in less than 12 hrs.
  • If your infant developing rash in diaper area, you should reach to Canadian board certified dermatologist in RemoteDerm to address your concerns in a short span of time.

For more information and to get help for your skin, hair and nail concerns, visit one of our Canadian board certified dermatologists at RemoteDerm.ca 24/7. No matter you live in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or any other place across Canada, RemoteDerm allows you to connect with Canadian Board Certified Dermatologist in a very short span of time.

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